How to have sex on a plane?

//How to have sex on a plane?

How to have sex on a plane?

People have been known to do a lot of crazy things to become members of a club. In order for anyone to join the ranks of the Mile High Club, having sex above 30,000 feet is required. That’s the title given to folks who have sex on an airplane. While there are many who fantasize about it, not everyone does it. It may because of fear of being caught or not knowing how to do it properly. According to experts on the matter, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Some of the most experienced in having sex on a plane are the people who work on them. It is very likely that they have seen it all. Flight attendants are in a perfect position to offer suggestions, ideas and tips on the subject. Same as those who are card-carrying members of the elite Mile High Club. The first thing you want to do is try to pick a flight that is not completely sold out. Underbooked flights are perfect since they typically have several empty rows of seats.

Another suggestion from Mile High Club experts is to pick an argument with your significant other. One of you should say something inflammatory enough that the other person will get up. Once she or he goes into the bathroom to get away from you, the game begins. After a few moments, the other person goes to continue the argument in the bathroom. People may think you are still fighting when you are in fact having great sex up on an airplane.

Flight attendants and Mile High Club members agree that on a domestic red-eye flight, having sex it’s much easier. That’s because most people on those flights are too tired to care about what happens. Of course it is best on flights which are not completely sold out. Most people hardly ever select seats in the middle row. After the meal services have gone down, wait for the lights to go out. Then, you wait until the flight attendants move to the front of the plane. You can use a blanket you brought and snuggle together. Because people sleep in crazy or wild positions on seat planes, yours won’t really get too much attention. You can have sex there or in the bathroom if you choose. Either way, you earn entrance into the Mile High Club.

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