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With so many different porn categories available on adult sites, choosing a particular one can be difficult. Yet there are those who prefer a certain kind of porn over other. Case in point are statistics which show which specific type of content people spent more time viewing. Data gathered by top porn sites and search engines help paint a story. They show what type of pornography men prefer over the other. For instance, when it comes to 18 plus teen porn vs. older women, which one wins? Either of them can arouse anyone right away. Any kind of porn from either genre will also make a person want to masturbate. Yet the question about which is more popular remains.

According to statistics from adult sites, it appears older women win this one. Mature porn videos and older women related porn is among the top three most popular genres. It beat out the teen category by about 4. The search term MILF was only beaten out by two other categories which was hentai and lesbian. It’s no surprise since for the past few years, MILF porn videos have been among the most popular. The majority of adult sites provide visitors with tons of these mature porn videos. No one would have ever expected that the phrase MILF would become so trendy. More so when it came to pornography.

Yet that is exactly what has taken place as anything related to mature women porn is tops with users. In fact, other categories show how strong mature porn videos and MILF porno content have become. A prime example is the step mom, mom and mature keywords or search terms. Two of them — mom and step-mom —  beat out teen porn. That is not to say that people are not checking out free teen porn though. On the contrary since teen pornography remains one of the most popular. It only shows that for now, MILFs appear to have won the battle.

In truth, many of the mature porn videos found online are mixed anyway. They will have a sexy and hot MILF having sex with a teen girl. Mature seduces teen is a very popular search phrase in adult sites and search engines for that reason. People also need to realize that a MILF woman doesn’t necessarily have to be old either. After all, a MILF is simply a mom you would like to fuck. That means a girl as young as 20 can be considered a MILF if she has a baby and is a mother.

Still though, people know that MILFs equals mature or older women. This is clear when you search adult sites and type in the word. The majority of MILF videos show hot and sexy women which range in the age of around 30 years and older. According to stats, it appears that porn lovers are in fact loving older women. Granny porn has been spiking up and gaining momentum in the porn world. Again, this is all related to the step-mom and mom searches. There are millions of people out there who have sexual fantasies involving either. It could be their best friend’s hot mom or even their own step mother.

Whenever you can’t fulfill your personal own fantasy, porn that’s related to it is the next best thing.

Men dream of having sex with mature women all the time. Perhaps it’s their busty teacher, seductive nurse or MILF next door neighbor. Today, fantasizing about having sexual relations with mature women seems to be very popular. It is no wonder MILF and mature women porn videos beat out teens in porn.

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